Faianças Vila Fresca



In 1983, life at S. Simão Arte was running favorably, gaining acceptance from appreciators of decorative tiles. At that time, the manager, António Avillez, a collector himself, decided to go ahead with the production of faiences.

Hence a new sector was born, dedicated to faience in traditional taste, which became known as Faianças de Vila Fresca.

From the beginning, the company was dedicated only to the reproduction of plates from Estremoz style. This being facilitated through access to originals from António Avillez’s collection that includes various other pieces of appreciable interest and great beauty, some of which originated from the Real Fabrica do Rato and are signed by the Italian, Tomaz Bruneto. Bruneto was contracted to run and innovate the Royal factory. To avoid it’s products being as originals, the company chose a symbol (A) to be engraved on each item and later on from May 2007 it was changed to (B) Faianças de V.F. started to diversify by producing terrines, jars, pots, canudos and cabaças etc. and extended it’s line to include other decorative plates which were reproductions from the mentioned Ratinhos, Aranhões and Meninas Gordas etc.

It also added more models from the past, that belonged to the séries of glorious pieces from the Sec. XVI, XVII, XVIII and XIX which still today, characterize Portuguese Faience.

We use colours and tones of classic glazing that adds more character, quality and distinction to all our products.

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