São Simão Arte



Besides hundreds of individual and current costumers we list some of our special ones.


Hotel Clube d’Azeitão, Azeitão - Interior & Exterior decoration.
Interior - Decorative tiles de lambrins alicatados, dining rooms, reception and counters.

Hotel Turim, Lisbon - A large, decorated wall panel in reception, counters decorated with tiles alicatados (cut with pliers).

Hotel Europa, Lisbon - Extra large, decorated wall panel in reception.

Hotel Ibéria, Lisbon - Extra large, decorated wall panel in reception.

Apartment building, Sesimbra - Extra large wall panel in reception area.

Hotel President, Algarve - Extra large wall panel in reception.

Hotel Algarve Mor, Algarve - Extra large wall panel in reception.

Municipal market de Azeitão, Azeitão - Exterior decoreted façade.

Azeitão Chemist, Azeitão - Decoration of entrance.

Forno da Vila bakery, Azeitão - Interior decoration of pastry shop and bathroom decoration.

Delicatessen & Pastry shop, Azeitão - Decoration of exterior façade.

José Maria da Fonseca, Azeitão - Cellers decorated with reproduction plaques from Sec.XVIII, figures and three extra large murals with scenes allusive to the wine industry. Exterior Facade decoration on main building of José Maria da Fonseca.

Bacalhoa Palace, Azeitão - Covering of walls in kitchen area and bathrooms. This Palece is one of the best pieces of renaissance in Portugal.

Lisbon Zoo, Lisbon - Interior covering in the parrot house.

Monte da Ravasqueira, Arraiolos - Interior decoration in the music room with motives appropriated to horses.

Chapel, Açores - Interior decoration with religious motives.

University of Trás-os-Montes, Vila Real - Projected panels painted by Master Lima de Freitas at the workshop of São Simão Arte.


Marquis de Grinon, Madrid - Exterior, interior and reception áreas decorated with panels appropriated to wine cellars.

Chapel, Palma de Maiorca - Decoration of the chapel and interior patio of the summerhouse, belonging to HRH Diane de France and her husband The Duke of Wuntemberg.

Haciendas de Espanha, Salamanca - Decoration with a Sec. XVIII motive and figures of welcom.


Portuguese Embassy in Luxembourg - Decoration of the Ambassador’s dining room in D. Maria style.


Interior decoration of various private house with traditional Portuguese motives.


Totta & Açores bank, New York - Extra large panel created and painted by Master Lima de Freitas in our workshop.


Portas do Cerco - 16 murals of great dimension to decorate the Portas do Cerco.

Tourist Institute - Extra large panel in the entrance area.

St. John the Baptist Creche - Entrance panel with an extra large cut out motive of St. John the Baptist.

Casino M.G.M - Decoration of the principal façade of the casino with large panels depicting traditional Portuguese scenes.

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